Thank You


Just a very quick thank you to you all for your hard work this year. Please also say a big thank you to your parents for the gifts that they sent in for me and Jo – they are really appreciated.


Year 6 – your SATs results were absolutely brilliant this year and you deserve a huge rest before starting the next chapter of your education. I hope that some of you will come back and see us!

Year 5 – you have been a credit to yourselves this year. You have challenged yourselves, worked extremely hard and I know you will all be brilliant in year 6.

This blog will no longer be updated (aside from comments). Your new blog will be available soon…

Have a great summer.

Mr Connor




Today my mum ordered a trampoline it is a lime green and it is 14ft the best thing is there is a possibility it could come on Monday but we’re not sure it said that it will take 2 to 5 days. I know how to do a front flip and over cool things. so excited!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Why I should be a digital leader?


I really want to join the digital leader team because I know quite a lot about technology and I would be delighted for me to help others if they have a problem. I also want to learn even more  about computing and many more.

I want to be a digital leader because i want yo know  new things and maybe when Im older it can help me.


See you, Y6


This was a really hard day for you, Year 6. It’s been a hard day for me and all of my best friends because Kasia (from Miss Fitzpatrick class) left too 🙁

I hope I will see you soon! We will all miss you! I already miss you and I know how you feel. I hope someone will cheer you up. It’s going to be our turn next year; I know I’m going to cry like a little baby. Good, good, good luck in your next school 🙂

Good luck in your new school, Kasia. We will all miss you. Will you pop in and visit us?!

Stitch Head- book review


I really enjoyed reading this book. I think it has a amazing story line. First you meat a monster called stitch head. He was made a by a professor. Stitch head was witnessing a new one being made he brad nee creature looked like a roman myth. The bit where stitch head goes to talk to the creature . Stitch head was extra frightened to talk to the creature but the creature was scared that he would eat the creature. So I really enjoyed this book and loved doing it with other  people on Skype








Jokes (and 1 brain teaser)


What do skeletons say before they eat a meal?

BONE appetit 😉

How do space monsters drink tea?

Out of flying saucers!

What is a spooks favourite ride?

A rollerGHOSTer!!! 😉

What is a monsters favourite bean?

A HUMAN bean!!!

Why did the monster eat the light bulb?

Because he needed a LIGHT snack!!! 😉

How did the duck pay for lunch?

He put it on his BILL!!! 🙂

What flies but never goes anywhere?


Why did the banana go to the doctors?

Because he wasn’t PEELING very well!!! 🙂

What did the FINGERnail say to the Nail?
I NAILed it!!!

What did the eye say to the sea?

I can SEA (or see) you!!!

BrAiN tEaSeR!!!

A lady went to a shop called THE WHITE DRESS shop, she bought; some plates, a bag, a flower and decorations. What is the main thing she bought???

*I’ll reveal the answer to the brain teaser by the end of this week so better get commenting 🙂 Oh yeah tell me which one is your fave!?

What I’m doing on the summer holidays…


On my summer holidays (in about 3 weeks) I’m going to sleep under a tent! I’m really excited. I can’t really remember what the place is called but I know it’s going to take about 6 hours to get there!!! In that place ( 😉 ) I know that there will be a pool!!! That’s probably all I know 🙂

Stitch head book review


Book Review: Stitch head


This books is really interesting there’s a hero and a sort of villain in it.  It’s about a small monster,who is not scary, named stitch head tries to get the attention of his master or his creator but a man called freakfinder tries to get stitch head so he can become famous and rich. I like the part when Stitch got the attention of his master at the end. On the other hand I don’t like the part when the freakfinder kidnapped Arabella.

5 stars

Why I should be a digital leader


Why I should be a digital leader. I think I should be a digital leader because I Know a lot about computing and technology. I would be so grateful if I could be part of the digital leader team. I promise that i will help anyone that needs it when using ipads and Chromebooks. I will do anything it takes to get in the digital leaders team. It would be great if I could experience what the digital leaders do today. I would love it if I could use raspberry pi. When I did scratch I really enjoyed it and i thought I was quite good.Please could I be a digital leader I would love it so much.

Book Review – Stitch head


In guided reading, our group have been reading Stitch Head. Our homework was to read the rest of the book and to write a book review about Stitch Head:

Tittle: Stitch Head

Author: Guy Bass

Today’s Date: 13 – 7 – 2015


Like and Dislike about the book:

I, actually, really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to get another book of Stitch Head! The story is about a small creature that was the first creature of Mr. Mad Profesor Erasmus. However, Mad Profesor Erasmus creates different creatures that were bigger than Stitch Head. Even though Mad Profesor Erasmus forgets obout him, a big suprise will make Stitch Head’s dream come true…

I thinkThis is my favourite book I’ve read in school! The book had some great describtion. I really recommend this book to children aged 7 – 14.

Book Star rainting: ***** 5/5


Stitch Head Book review


Author: Guy Bass

Date started: ????? (ages ago)

Date finished: 9-7-2015

Likes/dislikes about the book: I have really enjoyed reading this book. I liked everything about it, I have  no dislikes. I really was surprised when Freak finder told Stitch  Head that he didn’t need him any more! I knew he was a mean character but I didn’t expect this to happen…The ending put a big smile on my face because the professor looked at Stitch Head and remembered his first creation (Stitch Head is the professor’s first creation, but Stitch Head thought that he forgot about him so he was lonely for 40 years! Now they saw eachother and lived happily, that’s why it put a big smile on my face.:) ;))

The Five Pillars of Islam


Part 2 The Minecraft Me


More than an obsession


Days past and Lucas did nothing but : Wake up, minecraft, eat, minecraft, eat, minecraft, sleep. He was controlled by the evil video game, but to him it was just a game, a game that brought him happiness, but anyone could see that it brought everyone misery . It came to the end of the day, one of the times that Lucas wasn’t staring at his computer, – sleep, well that’s what he was supposed to do. His eyes couldn’t shut, it was attracted by the shimmering reflection of the computer.

Lucas’ brain on the other hand , was confused, he didn’t know what to do. His heart danced but he didn’t know what it meant. His hand shot up to the air and his legs started moving, the next thing he saw was the computer. Mindlessly he started to open his account and that was when the screams of joy screamed out . Slowly his eyes drifted and he could only see a black background with little sparks of white.




It was a new day and a new chapter to Alex and Leni’s lives. It was their wedding. The sun shone upon me. I woke up 8:00 and got ready. All I cared about was my suit. I wanted to look nice but I didn’t. My mum looked beautiful: she had a wonderful dress and shoes, and a lovely purse. She smelt nicer then a flower. Unfortunately, my dad was at work so he couldn’t come. I was wearing a suit and a bow tie. Our friend Deboraugh gave us a lift, She looked pretty and her mother too. We arrived at the wedding hall I saw all my friends there. They all looked amazing. It was time for the wedding. Alex was looking nice. Leni, who was looking outstandingly pretty, approached to Alex so they can hold hands while the judge say their words. After the wedding we took picture then it was time for the party. It was in a hotel. The food wasn’t nice apart from the puddings. My friends were dancing crazy. Then it was time to go home. I wish Alex and Leni the best.

Brain Teaser


What Travels Around The World But Stays In The Corner ?

A Postage Stamp


What gets Wetter and Wetter the more it Dries ?

A Towel


What can you catch but can’t throw ?

A cold


Which word in the dictionary is spelled Incorrectly ?



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